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03.01.2006  Allergy - March 03, 2006 - March 08, 2006 62nd Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Miami, FL, United States
02.01.2006  Pulmonology- January 30, 2006 - February 01, 2006 42nd Annual Meeting of The Society of Thoracic Surgeons New Orleans, LA, United States
25.12.2005  We are most happy and honoured to invite you to the 9th Annual Congress of Turkish Thoracic Society (TTS), the largest congress in pulmonary medicine in Turkey. The congress will take place in Sungate Port Royal Hotel located in Beldibi region of Kemer in Antalya between April, 19-23, 2006.

Radiology - Radyoloji - Radiologia - Radiologie - عِلْمُ الأَشِعَّة -
радиология - Ãû X¹âÏßѧ

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Description Reference Size
Angiography Atlas Terumo Medical Corportion 466k 
Angiography Atlas Terumo Medical Corportion 466k 
Pleural Empyema Dr. T. Mohan Kumar 181k 
Pleural Empyema Dr. T. Mohan Kumar 181k 
Radiograph Evaluation of Respiratory Disorders in the ICU Marcelo Neubauer de Paula, MD 233k 
Pulmonary Angiography David Lu, MD 279k 
Radiograph Evaluation of Respiratory Disorders in the ICU Marcelo Neubauer de Paula, MD 233k 
Pulmonary Angiography David Lu, MD 279k 
Systemic Anaphylactoid Reaction to Intravenous Contrast Sandesh Dev, MD 43k 
Systemic Anaphylactoid Reaction to Intravenous Contrast Sandesh Dev, MD 43k 
Clinical Needs of Medical Imaging Dr. Nirmal Kumar 777k 


Jean-Michel André-Alibert
Guide de l'Image Numérique Médicale


Mathematics and Physics of Emerging Biomedical Imaging
1996 - 260 pp


HelenAnne D'Alessandro
Nuclear Medicine Imaging of the Gastrointestinal Tract
1994 - The University of Iowa

Avinash C. Kak, Malcolm Slaney
Principles of Computerized Tomographic Imaging
1988 - 340 pp; 35 MByte

WHO, Department of Protection of the Human Environment
Depleted uranium: sources, exposure and health effects
2001 - 200 pp

Leif E. Peterson and Seymour Abrahamson, Editors
Effects of Ionizing Radiation: Atomic Bomb Survivors and Their Children (1945-1995)
1998 - 400 pp

Michael L. Richardson
Approaches To Differential Diagnosis In Musculoskeletal Imaging
2001 - University of Washington Department of Radiology

J.-Y. Tanguy
Atlas IRM de la Face

Holman BL, Garada BM, Chandak BK
Atlas of Brain Perfusion SPECT

W. Carpenter, Sherry L. Pulaski, J. A. Thomas, Earl D. Jones Jr.
Basic Chest X-Ray Review

Joseph P. Hornak
Basics of MRI

Joseph P. Hornak
Basics of MRI

Body Image Teaching Files
Including CT, US,MRI, Angiography and Plain Films
2001 - University Hospitals of Cleveland, Department of Radiology

BrighamRAD Teaching Case Database
2002 - Department of Radiology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Charles E. Kahn, Jr.
CHORUS Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology
2000 - Medical College of Wisconsin

C. Carl Jaffe, Patrick J. Lynch
Cardiothoracic Imaging
2000 - Yale University School of Medicine

Case of the Month
2001 - Harvard Medical School

American Roentgen Ray Society
Case of the Week

D. Kopans, R. Moore, K. Bowyer, P. Kegelmeyer, Peter E. Shile
Digital Database for Screening Mammography (DDSM)
- University of South Florida

Emory Radiologic Anatomy

Banque d'Images Numériques
2002 - CERF, SFR

Electronic Image Base
2002 - CERF, SFR

José Luis Ramírez Arias
Indicaciones de Radiología e Imagen
Programa de Actualización para Médicos Generales

Introduction to Clinical Disciplines Medicine: Radiology
1996 - Department of Radiology, The University of Iowa

Raisa Lev, L. A. Stein
McGill Radiologic Anatomy
1998 - Molson Informatics Project

MusculoSkeletal Imaging Teaching Files
2000 - University Hospitals of Cleveland, Department of Radiology

Normal Radiologic Anatomy
2000 - University of Washington Department of Radiology

James Livermore, William Erkonen, Eric Brandser, Retta Pelsang, Niall Warnock
Normal Radiologic Anatomy: X-Ray, CT, MRI and Ultrasound
1996 - The Authors and The University of Iowa

Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Teaching File
2001 - Nagasaki University

2002 - eMedicine, Inc.

Loren G. Yamamoto, Alson S. Inaba, Robert M. DiMauro, Editors
Radiology Cases In Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Michel Amiel
Séméiologie Radiologique
- Université Claude Bernard, Lyon I

UAB Department of Radiology Teaching File


Cardiothoracic Imaging
Emory Radiologic Anatomy
Introduction to Basic Radiology
McGill Radiologic Anatomy
Normal Radiologic Anatomyx
Radiologic Anatomy Modules
USUHS Chest X-Ray Review
USUHS Radiologic Anatomy Browser

Books, publications, tutorials
Ärzteinformation - Universität Zürich [Deutsch]
Basics of MRI - Joseph P. Hornak [English]
Diagnosticimaging.com [English]
Education - Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center [English]
Mathematics and Physics of Emerging Biomedical Imaging - National Academy Press [English]
Principles of Computerized Tomographic Imaging - A.C. Kak and M. Slaney [English]
Radiology - eMedicine [English]
Radiology - Family Practice Notebook [English]
Radiology Desktop - Uniformed Services University, Bethesda [English]
Radiology Info - American College of Radiology and Radiological Society of North America [English]
Société Française de Radiologie - Syllabus [Français]

Atlases, images
3D Ultrasound Imaging Group - University of California San Diego [English]
Acuson Solutions [English]
Anatomy Modules - University of Washington [English]
Bare Bones Radiology - Carl Kurtz [English]
Biomedical Imaging and Visualization - Georgia Tech [English]
Biomedical Imaging Resource - Mayo Clinic [English]
BrighamRAD Professional Education [English]
Case Studies - Rush University [English]
Center for Molecular Imaging Research - Harvard University [English]
Center for Positron Emission Tomography - State University of New York at Buffalo [English]
CERF - Collège des Enseignants de Radiologie de France [Français]
Creighton University Radiology Website [English]
CT is us [English]
CT Scan Library - MDChoice.com [English]
Diagnostic Ultrasound - G. Diaz [English]
Division of Physiologic Imaging - University of Iowa [English]
Echo by Web - Digital Echocardiography [English]
Education - Michigan State University [English]
Education - SUNY Upstate Medical University [English]
Education - Uniformed Services University, Bethesda [English]
Educational Resource - American Roentgen Ray Society [English]
EURORAD - Radiology Certified Cases [English]
GE Medical Systems [English]
Hong Kong College of Radiologists [English]
IconoCerf clinical cases [English]
ImageMed.org - Collège des Enseignants en Radiologie de France (CERF) [Français]
Introduction to Clinical Medicine: Radiology - University of Iowa [English]
Introduction to Clinical Radiology - University of Florida [English]
Iowa Radiology On-Call Handbook - University of Iowa [English]
Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine: Electronic Learning Resources - Harvard Medical School [English]
Learning Resources - Indiana University [English]
Les différents cycles - Université de Rennes [Français]
Let's Play PET - University of California Los Angeles [English]
Médecine Nucléaire - CHU de Saint Etienne [Français]
MedPixT Medical Image Database [English]
MeVis - Center for Medical Diagnostic Systems and Vizualisation, University of Bremen [English]
MIR Nuclear Medicine Teaching File - Washington University Medical Center [English]
MRI Centre - The Bhatia General Hospital, Mumbai [English]
MRI Tutor Web Site [English]
NetMedicine Radiology Library [English]
NLM Teleradiology Project [English]
Normal Radiologic Anatomy, University of Iowa [English]
Nuclear Medicine Image Library, Derriford Hospital [English]
Nuclear Medicine Mediabook, Crump Institute, University of California Los Angeles [English]
Nuclear Medicine Teaching File, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, Washington University [English]
Nuclear Medicine, University of Kansas [English]
Online Teaching Materials - University of Washington [English]
Online Textbook of Normal Ultrasound - Shimane Medical University [English]
Patient Simulations - University of Iowa [English]
PET Whole Body Atlas, University of California Los Angeles [English]
Radia Medical Imaging [English]
Radiologic Anatomy - University of Florida [English]
Radiologic Anatomy - Wayne State University [English]
Radiologic Anatomy Browser - Uniformed Services University, Bethesda [English]
Radiological Images - Shimane Medical University [English]
Radiology - Detroit Medical Center and Wayne State University [English]
Radiology - Nagasaki University Hospital [English]
Radiology - University of Iowa [English]
Radiology - University of Vienna [English]
Radiology Case Museum, South Bank University - London [English]
Radiology Database - South Bank University, London [English]
Radiology Rounds - MDChoice.com [English]
Radiology Teaching Cases - Baylor College of Medicine [English]
Radiology Teaching File - University of Alabama at Birmingham [English]
Radiology Teaching File - University of North Carolina [English]
Radiology Tutorials - TelMedPak [English]
Radiology Website - University of British Columbia [English]
Radiopharmaceutical Image Library - University of Kentucky [English]
Refindia [English]
Sample Images, Radiological Society of North America [English]
Short Reports, Royal Belgian Radiological Society [English]
Society for Pediatric Radiology - Case of the Month [English]
SonoPortal [English]
SRS-X - Scottish Radiological Society [English]
St. Paul's Radiology - University of British Columbia [English]
Teaching File - Universität Innsbruck [Deutsch]
Teleradiology Project, National Library of Medicine [English]
Tomografía computarizada, Xavier Vila [Español]
Uhrad.com - Case Western Reserve University [English]
Ultrasound Interesting Cases - University of California San Francisco [English]
Undergraduate Teaching - University of Sydney [English]
VOXEL-MAN, University of Hamburg [English]
Xray2000.co.uk [English]
Yale: Cardiothoracic Imaging [English]

RSNA - You Take the Call (Microsoft Powerpoint Show: 480 KB
RSNA - How Large is Your Dosimetry Error (Microsoft Powerpoint Show: 28 MB)
Core Course Lecture (Microsoft Powerpoint Show: 12 MB)


Lecture 1: History of Modalities (Jan 20, 2004):

  • Powerpoint files: L01Intro.ppt,

  • Lecture 2: Comparison of Modalities (Jan 20 and 22, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L02Intro.ppt,

  • Lecture 3: Linear System Theory (Jan 22, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L01Systemtheory.ppt,

  • Lecture 4: Linear System Theory II (Jan 22,27, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L02Systemtheory.ppt,

  • Lecture 5: Linear System Theory III- 2D Fourier Transforms (Jan 27-29, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L03Systemtheory.ppt,

  • Lecture 6: Linear System Theory IV - 1D Sampling(Jan. 29, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L04Systheorysampling.ppt,

  • Lecture 7: Linear System Theory V - DFT (Feb 3, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L05DFT.ppt,

  • Lecture 8: Linear System Theory VI - Hankel Transform(Feb 3, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L06HankelTransform.ppt,

  • Lecture 9: X-Ray 1(Feb 5, 2003):
  • Powerpoint files: L01xray.ppt, L02xray.ppt,

  • Lecture 10: Matlab Intro (Feb 10, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: matlabintro.ppt,
  • Matlab files: matlab_intro.m (1 kByte) example.fig (101 kByte), example.mat (524 kByte), and example.tif (60 kByte)

  • Lecture 11: X-Ray 3(Feb 12,17, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L03xray.ppt, L04xray.ppt,

  • Lecture 12: X-Ray 5(Feb 19,24, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L05xray.ppt, L1ProbabilityandChapter5.ppt,

  • Lecture 13: X-ray SNR (Feb 26-28, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L1xraysnr.ppt,

  • Lecture 14: X-ray SNR and CT (March 2, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L2xraysnr.ppt, L1ct.ppt,

  • Lecture 15: CT 2 (March 4, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L1ct.ppt, L2ct.ppt,

  • Lecture 15: CT 2 and Midterm Review (March 9, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L3ct.ppt,

  • Lecture 16: Midterm Discussion (March 23, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L3ct.ppt,

  • Lecture 17: CT3 (March 25, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L3ct.ppt,

  • Lecture 18: MR 1 (March 30, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L1mr.ppt,

  • Lecture 18: MR 2 (April 1 , 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L2MR.ppt,

  • Lecture 19: MR 3 (April 6, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L3MR.ppt,

  • Lecture 20: MR 4 (April 8, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L4mr.ppt,

  • AVI file: Gradient echo.avi,

  • Lecture 21: MR 5 (April 13, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L5mr.ppt,

  • AVI files: Double Null.avi,

  • Lecture 21: MR 6 (April 15, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: L6mr.ppt,

  • AVI files: spin_echo.avi,

  • Lecture 22: MR 7 (April 20, 2004):
  • Powerpoint files: bme530mra.ppt,




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