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03.01.2006  Allergy - March 03, 2006 - March 08, 2006 62nd Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Miami, FL, United States
02.01.2006  Pulmonology- January 30, 2006 - February 01, 2006 42nd Annual Meeting of The Society of Thoracic Surgeons New Orleans, LA, United States
25.12.2005  We are most happy and honoured to invite you to the 9th Annual Congress of Turkish Thoracic Society (TTS), the largest congress in pulmonary medicine in Turkey. The congress will take place in Sungate Port Royal Hotel located in Beldibi region of Kemer in Antalya between April, 19-23, 2006.

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As of April 15, 2004, there are a total of 18.314 Org., Assoc. Societies. 

Enter the few letters of the Org & Assoc. Titles. 

Associations and Organizations
Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy [English]
Agencia Española del Medicamento [Español]
American Academy of Pharmaceutical Physicians [English]
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy [English]
American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists [English]
American Association of Pharmacy Technicians
American Board of Clinical Pharmacology [English]
American College of Apothecaries
American College of Clinical Pharmacy [English]
American College of Neuropsychopharmacology
American Council on Pharmaceutical Education [English]
American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education
American Institute of the History of Pharmacy [English]
American Pharmaceutical Association [English]
American Society for Automation in Pharmacy [English]
American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics [English]
American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
American Society of Consultant Pharmacists
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists [English]
American Society of Pharmacognosy
Association for Applied Human Pharmacology [English]
Association for Human Pharmacology in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Association of Clinical Data Management
Association of Clinical Research in the Pharmaceutical Industry [English]
Association of Clinical Research Professionals
Association of Consultants to the Bioscience Industries [English]
Association of Information Officers in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers [English]
Association of Natural Medicine Pharmacists
Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry [English]
Association of the European Self-Medication Industry [English]
Association of Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Australasian Society of Clinical & Experimental Pharmacologists & Toxicologists
Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association [English]
Austrian Association of Regulatory Affairs 
BioIndustry Association [English]
Biotechnology Industry Organization [English]
Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties [English]
British Association of Psychopharmacology
British Association of Research Quality Assurance
British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association
British Pharmacological Society [English]
Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte [Deutsch]
Bundesverband der Pharmazeutischen Industrie [Deutsch]
Canadian Association for Population Therapeutics / Association Canadienne de la Thérapeutique es Populations [English]
Canadian Drug Manufacturers Association [English]
Canadian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
Canadian Pharmacists Association [English]
Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences [English]
Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists [English]
Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy
Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Farmacéuticos de España [Español]
Consumer Healthcare Products Association
Controlled Release Society
Drug Information Association [English]
European Association for Clinical Pharmacology & therapeutics
European Behavioural Pharmacology Society
European Drug Utilization Research Group
European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry
European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations [English]
European Generic Medicines Association [English]
European Medicines Evaluation Agency
European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association
European Society of Biochemical Pharmacology
European Society of Clinical Pharmacy [English]
European Society of Regulatory Affairs [English]
Food and Drug Administration [English]
Generic Pharmceutical Association
Healthcare Distribution Management Association
Institute for Safe Medication Practices [English]
International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists [English]
International Association for Pharmaceutical Science & Technology
International Association of Generic and Innovative Drug Manufacturers [English]
International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations [English]
International Pharmaceutical Federation [English]
International Pharmaceutical Students Federation [English]
International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering
International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research [English]
International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology [English]
International Society of Regulatory Toxicology & Pharmacology
International Union of Pharmacology [English]
Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
National Association of Boards of Pharmacy
National Association of Chain Drug Stores
National Association of State Controlled Substances Authorities [English]
National Community Pharmacists Association [English]
National Council for Prescription Drug Programs [English]
National Council on Patient Information & Education
National Managed Health Care Congress
National Medicines Policy (Australia) [English]
National Pharmaceutical Association, UK
National Pharmaceutical Council
National Prescribing Service (Australia) [English]
Office of Health Economics 
Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group
Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
Pharmaceutical Marketing Society [English]
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America [English]
Pharmaceutical Society of Australia [English]
Pharmaceutical Society of Canada
Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong [English]
Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland
Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore
Pharmacy Guild of Australia [English]
Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
Pharmig [Deutsch]
Primary Care Pharmacists' Association (UK) [English]
Propriety Association of Great Britain
Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society
Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain [English]
Società Italiana di Farmacologia [Italiano]
Society for Biomolecular Screening
Society for Clinical Trials [English]
Society for Medicines Research
Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia [English]
Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists
Society of Nuclear Imaging in Drug Development
Society of Toxicology
Society of Toxicology of Canada
South African Association of Hospital and Institutional Pharmacists [English]
Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry [English]
Swissmedic [Deutsch]
Therapeutic Products Directorate - Direction des produits thérapeutiques [English]
Therapeutics Initiative [English]
US Pharmacopeia Convention
USPHS Pharmacist Professional Advisory Committee

Centers and Institutes
American Institute of the History of Pharmacy
British Institute for Regulatory Affairs
British Standards Institution
Center for Biologics Evaluation & Research
Center for Devices & Radiological Health
DGI Center for Health Research and Education
Food and Drug Law Institute
Institute for Safe Medication Practices
National Institute of Pharmacy and Medicines (Portugal)

Government Agencies and Programs
Department of Health, Ireland 
Department of Health, UK
Food and Drug Administration, US
Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacology, FDA
Medical Products Agency (Sweden)
Medicines Control Agency, UK
US Food and Drug Administration 



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